My wife and I have been observing American Kestrels outside our Brooklyn apartment since January. The male showed up first, the female soon afterwards. They seemed paired up by late February, when I happened to see one shoot into a cornice down the block (not, unfortunately, visible from our apartment). I understand that a part of their pair-bonding is scouting nest sites. Well, that's the one they chose, above a bodega.


Today, apropos for Father's Day, I glimpsed the first evidence of the payoff for all their hard work: a young male, still inside the cornice. We certainly hope there's more, and that the (nerve-wracking for us) fledgling proceeds apace.


This has been the most sustained nature observation I've ever experienced and it has been amazing, and gory: have watched more than a few songbird feet being gulped down kestrel throats.  

There are pictures galore on my blog Backyard and Beyond,  If you want to skip straight to all the #BrooklynKestrels it's  

Keep your eyes on those old TV antennas,


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