National Park Service (NPS) management and JBWR refuge staff have been keeping 
me updated on this year’s efforts and progress on an early East Pond drawdown. 
Today, I confirmed that the Pond is shaping up quite nicely by schelping up 
from the south end to the north. Note: this does not mean we have shoreline for 
sneakers - yes, people have asked me in the past. Knee high boots as always and 
there are still many soft spots under above ankle water.

Most of the wider access points on the south end west side are already cleared 
thanks to NPS. I will try and clear out the ones on the south end east side and 
take a look at the north end as time permits.  The fence on the south end is 
still there so visitors will need to continue walking around to get to the 
other side to access the pond. Please, let’s not blow up the list serve with 
“the sky is falling posts” about the fence. It has been there for 1 season now 
and we have dealt with it while NPS management sorts out the legality.

Given the staff turnover at the refuge, I am reluctant to get too overjoyed but 
I think we are close to having a dynamic process in place to managing the water 
levels and preparing the trails for East Pond usage. Big up to NPS, Rick 
Jenkins, Timothy Farrell, Matt and all the crew from maintenance who were open 
to suggestions and have worked to make things more efficient.

Oh yeah, there are birds to report too. Notables included: A banded Glossy 
Ibis, Eastern Willet, Greater Yellowlegs, a few Black Skimmers, American 
Oystercatchers, Bonaparte Gulls (2) and a Black-billed Cuckoo.


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