Thanks for the update Steve, of note a few days ago I observed two of the
roseates at Nickerson displaying courtship behavior. I tried to get it on
video, but they stopped before I could start filming. Maybe some are
breeding? Or practice? Also of note, some birders observed last year there
was a roseate that bred with a common tern but the nest was unsuccessful.
Thoughts anyone?
Mike Z.

On Tue, Jun 26, 2018, 7:19 PM Steve Walter <> wrote:

> After submitting last week’s Nickerson Beach Roseate Tern bands, I got
> back the official information today. There’s a correction to the
> preliminary info. It turns out both birds were banded as chicks two years
> ago. So that “second summer type” bird (Y11) is indeed two years old, not
> three as previously reported. In fact, the actual banding date was June 26,
> 2016 – two years ago today. So I thought it was important to pass that
> along. With all the people now studying terns, I don’t want misleading
> information out there.
> Not that there can’t be older birds with incomplete adult plumage, but I’m
> getting the sense that it’s more likely to find two year old birds in full
> adult plumage (but not breeding yet). I say this because today there were
> two more adult birds, again with blue bands (J03 and J76). Since this is
> the first year that I’m seeing these kinds of bands, I’m going to assume –
> until I definitively find out otherwise – that such banding began two years
> ago. So I’m assuming today’s birds are two year olds that are roaming
> around (as opposed to birds that should be on the breeding grounds,
> providing new chicks for blue bands to be placed on).
> There was also a “second summer type” plumaged Roseate, with more
> extensive white on the forehead than Y11. At first I thought of the
> possibility of a first summer type. But a closer look at the rest of the
> bird dissuaded me on that. This one is not banded, so I won’t know for sure
> from banding data. But I will get to enjoy untainted pictures of a
> different looking Roseate than I’ve gotten before. I’ve added one picture
> to the bottom of my Recent Work page, along with the 5 Common Eiders that I
> think were previously reported. No picture of the male Surf Scoter or the
> Bottle-nosed Dolphins (even though I think I actually got enough of one to
> get its eye out of the water).
> Steve Walter
> Bayside, NY
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