It's time for a Breezy Point check in!  Late this afternoon, Breezy had an
east to west (and eventually south) fly-by of 8 BROWN PELICANS.  Also there
was a (presumably) continuing first summer LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL near
the entrance to the beach from the 4 x 4 path, as well as a similarly aged
friend within the group of GBBGs closer to the jetty.

A BONAPARTE'S GULL made a couple of appearances loafing with Common Terns
near the jetty, along with a few portlandica type Common Terns, and a
couple of recently fledged Common Terns.

Finally, there were many shorebirds around - mostly Sanderlings, but a few
Semipalmated Sandpipers and Semipalmated Plovers (and of course, Piping
Plovers) as well.

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