I ended up watching the seabird flight from Robert Moses Field 2 for 4.5 hours 
starting at 5:50 AM. Highlights include:

104 Cory’s Shearwaters
49 Great Shearwaters
2 Sooty Shearwaters
1* Manx Shearwater
70+ unidentified shearwaters
2 Northern Gannets
Fledgling Least and Common Terns
Two Lesser Black-backed Gulls among the lot loafers

*The first Manx Shearwater encounter was actually my first shearwater of the 
day, spotted heading east among the breakers very close to shore at 5:55. A 
second sighting occurred at 8:30, with prolonged views of an individual feeding 
in the surf east of the life guard shack. Based on the behavior observed in 
both instances, it’s likely that this was the same bird milling around and 

Overall, conditions were much more pleasant than the forecast predicted, with 
somewhat weaker wind and only brief patches of rain. This may have contributed 
to the flight slowing down fairly early, but occasional pulses of activity 
continued throughout the morning. Many of the birds were quite close to shore. 
Wind direction and strength are maintaining...efforts this evening and tomorrow 
may well be worthwhile. 

-Tim H


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