Another day of sustained southeast winds and patchy stormy conditions, another 
morning on dawn patrol at Field 2. I was on site from 6 to 10 and observed the 

286 Cory’s Shearwaters
42 Great Shearwaters
23 Sooty Shearwaters
2 (or more) Manx Shearwaters
80+ distant, unidentified shearwaters
2 Wilson’s Storm-Petrels
2 (or more) Parasitic Jaegers
3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the lot
My first young of the year Laughing Gull, and several fledgling Least and 
Common Terns

Seabird movement was great in between bands of rain. Around 7:10, a feeding 
frenzy of shearwaters formed over a hunting pod of Bottlenose Dolphins just 
beyond the breakers out from the life guard chair. A few dozen Cory’s, a 
handful of Greats, and flyby Sooty and Manx Shearwaters all checked out the 
scene, and an Osprey even plunged into the melee at one point. One of the 
storm-petrels hung around to feed for a little while, too. Movement has slowed 
down but it hasn’t stopped. Interestingly, a westbound flight of Sooties began 
just after 9:30, when only 2 had been seen heading east with the rest of the 
shearwaters earlier in the morning. That procession, as well as a continuing 
trickle eastbound birds, was still ongoing when I folded up my scope. These 
past few days of favorable conditions have been a great change of pace from the 
July norm!

-Tim H

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