Bob Proniewich and I went to Wallkill nwr today in the morning and observed the 
spoonbill in its usual spot on the west trail in the cut south of the water 
control and water depth meter. 
Much as we hoped, when it flew a few times it never ventured anywhere near to 
the NY border. 
We left to get food after a while and then went on a fruitless search for the 
previously reported anhinga. No luck. 
We returned to wallkill after we concluded the anhinga was not gettable and 
after the rain stopped we went back to get another look. 
We were joined by Bill Weissman and we brought him to the area and located the 
bird for him. 
By around 6pm we decided to depart, and unbeknownst to us it took off north 
some time after we did. Bill called me but I was out of cell phone range. 
When we emerged from tree covered section of the trail near the berm, I spotted 
a large bird flying south from near oil city road. It was a spoonbill, and my 
immediate thought was that it was a second bird!! 
We watched it fly south and we made haste to go back to where we had it before 
and determine if it was the bird or another. 
 Bill confirmed it had flown north, and while it was not a second bird Bob and 
I were elated at our good fortune. 
Arie GilbertNorth Babylon NY 
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