Joe DiCostanzo and I combined our observations and maps for the Bridled
Tern today. This includes my distant photos of the tern from the ship, plus
maps, at my blog (  Check it out (and Joe’s excellent
site before you try for the Bridled Tern so you
know exactly where it is likely to be and how difficult it will be to see
it.  The lighthouse cruises do pass close to this area of Great Gull
Island, and I have discussed it today with the ferry company which runs
these trips so they might slow down at this area to give you time to look
and photograph, although this is from a distance.  See
for many details.  Good luck if you go to try for it. The distance makes it
challenging.   Tom Robben.


Subject: Bridled Tern and public cruises to get there
Date: Mon Aug 6 2018 21:39 pm
From: robben99 AT

Re the Bridled Tern, there is another similar catamaran cruise which
departs from Orient Point NY, making it easier for NY birders to get on
board. It is the Long Island Lights Cruise and includes slow passes near
Plum, Great Gull and Little Gull Islands. It runs August 9-12, 16-19,
23-26, 30-31 plus September 1-3. Thats it. See this website for details: � And Joe, if you could email me a map of that
corner of the island, with exactly where the bird hangs out (it was hard
for me to see those details as we passed at a distance) I could post them
for everyone to see your map. Thanks. Tom Robben. robben99 AT


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