If you are planning to look for the Bridled Tern from the “Long Island
Lights Cruise” which originates from Orient Pt, NY you should know that it
did NOT run on August 9 or 10. The reason for that was cited as mechanical
problems (and full refunds were given, plus $10 towards next trips). It is
expected to run on August 11 and 12, but it appears that ferry schedules
may be changing somewhat, so you might want to call ahead to make a
reservation at 631-323-2525, and to confirm that the ship is running from
Orient Point that day, and that it will pass by the north side of Great
Gull Island as it heads for Little Gull Island.

www.lighthouse.cruises  has more info about these cruises.

inwoodbirder.blogspot.com  is Joe DiContanzo’s site, with great tern info.

trips33.blogspot.com  is my site with more details and maps on this Bridled
Tern. The long distance makes this challenging so you should study this
site and photos to be prepared.

Tom Robben


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