NY County Highlights (Summer season):

Least Sandpiper (6), Spotted Sandpiper (2), Common Nighthawk (2) & American

*1st hour*: *19 spp.*; *2nd*: *+2 (34 min.)* = *21 spp.*

A pair of Common Nighthawks were moving south over the Harlem River first
seen south of Sherman Creek.

The tide was rising when I arrived and all but the area near the
observation site at the southeast corner of Sherman Creek was under water.
When I arrived at this spot at 7:50p several shorebirds flushed including 2
Spotted Sandpipers and several Least Sandpipers. This was approximately 1
foot before high tide according to the University Heights Bridge tide chart
for 10-Aug and a half foot below the Spuyten Duyvil high tide mark.

I've marked this area on a customized Google Map for the park. It can be
found on the NYS eBird Hotspots below the eBird.org hotspot map on the
right side of the screen. Click box on upper right of Google map to view
larger map:

Google Map & overlay showing high ground on mudflats:

Full checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S47768930
Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC
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