The adult Bridled Tern continues on Great Gull Island. When seen it is on
the northeast corner of the island. This is now the eleventh day of its
stay. This morning I spotted it from a blind on the north side near the
center of the island. It was coming in from the northeast headed for its
usual roosting spot.


Once again, I will mention that the island is a research station and casual
visitors are not allowed. However, a few birders have seen the bird from the
lighthouse tours that pass by the island on their way to Little Gull Island
Light to the east. Also a few birders have made the trip out to the island
in small boats to look for the bird from offshore. Today, however, the seas
are rough and it would not be a good day to be out in a small boat. I have
posted a map on my Inwood Birder blog that indicates where on the island the
tern has been seen. The map can be seen at here.
n.html>  Some birders 


Anyone on a boat at the east end of Long Island Sound should keep an eye out
for other seabirds. Shearwater numbers have dropped off sharply, but there
are still a number of Parasitic Jaegers in the vicinity of Great Gull
Island. I have most often seen them west of Great Gull between us and Plum
Island. Yesterday I had saw as many as eight in that direction. This morning
I saw three to the west of Great Gull and another two to the northeast over
in the Race between Little Gull and Fishers Island.


Joe DiCostanzo




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