This morning there was a continuing MARBLED GODWIT at Breezy point, usually
about half way between the 4x4 trail and the jetty.  Early in the morning
it was down on the beach, but as more joggers, etc... were showing up, it
tended to stay farther up the beach, near or in the roped off area.  It
always liked to hang out with the oystercatchers.

Near the jetty, there was a juvenile BLACK TERN feeding with the Common
Terns.  After a bit of a wait, the bird finally landed in with the large
Common Tern flock on the beach.

I had 12 shorebird species including two Lesser Yellowlegs in the puddle in
the 4x4 parking lot, and 3 Red Knots, one of which was banded.  A Peregrine
buzzed the lot once mid morning, but didn't return.

There was a single first year Lesser Black-backed Gull on the beach in
front of the opening to the 4x4 trail.

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