The extended mudflats at Mecox continue to provide outstanding opportunities to 
see sandpipers and terns:  this morning's sightings included nearly 300 common 
terns, dozens of Forster's and least terns, sanderlings, semipalmated, white 
rumped and least sandpipers, semipalmated and black bellied plovers (and a few 
piping) at least 30 short-billed dowitchers, a stilt sandpiper, a ruddy 
turnstone, a laughing gull, and the usual assortment of other gulls, 
cormorants, swans, tree swallows  and egrets.

At the moment best viewing is from the west side of the pond, which offers 
access to the flats, but parking is limited to residents with permits from 9 am 
to 6 pm.

Waiting for news from Sagg Pond to know when that will be open.

Jane F. Ross, PhD
International Education Consultant
mobile:  917-992-6708


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