The pair of Hudsonian Godwits, the lone Wilson’s Phalarope, and a trio of 
Caspian Terns (seemingly two adults and a juvenile) are all currently visible 
from the north end of Jamaica Bay’s East Pond. Scope views from the end of the 
platform at the phragmites edge are distant and backlit but identifiable. You 
need mid-calf boots, at minimum, to walk any further than that, but it’s 
possible to make it further south without much trouble. The godwits are feeding 
actively, fairly far out from the shoreline. As others mentioned on eBird, the 
way they flick their bills up out of the water when they forage is a helpful 
“tell” even at a distance, along with their size and silhouette. The Phalarope 
is working close to the shoreline between the north end and Dead Man’s Cove, 
dashing around like a maniac. The terns are loafing close to one another along 
the shoreline side of the more distant gull flock. Scanning from right to left 
you should pick them up pretty quickly. 

-Tim H

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