First, many thanks to all of you who continue to post to the list serve. 

I finally got out to the East Pond at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge this 
afternoon and enjoyed some of the recent good birds. Both Godwit species 
continue along with the Wilson’s Phalarope.

In addition, I also had a Long-billed Dowitcher (not sure if this was reported 
already). The bird was first detected north of “Dead Man’s Cove”, then south of 
the cove and again much later observed north of the cove with birder Peter Paul.

Multiple White-rumped and Western Sandpipers continue. The latter numbers are 
up as expected. Still a good number of juvenile Semipalmated Sandpipers around.

Several juvenile Stilt Sandpipers (13) along with a single Pectoral Sandpiper 
brought the total shorebird species count to 15.

14 Skimmers taking a bath on the pond was also notable. 

Late in the afternoon a mixed flock of Swallows, swarmed the pond. The light 
had then begun to fade so I could not spend enough time sorting through the lot 
as well as I would have liked.

For those of you interested. Here is a link to a few phonescoped images of the 
Long-billed Dowitcher.

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