This sighting, from 9/3/18 in late afternoon, is very late - my sincere
apology !

Once a year in the summer, my wife and I eat at the above, which stands as
the last building before reaching the w/s of Shinnicock Inlet. Deck seating
is either at tables, or on high stools, which allow you to eat on a wide
ledge, located on top of the rails that rim the deck. The views it offers
of the bay, the inlet and the ocean are spectacular !  Add a beer and some
fish to this setting {with binoculars at the ready) is "prime time" !

While the recently reported Manx Shearwater was not to be seen, the eiders
were still located on, and swimming near the rocks, a tad to the east of
the north end of the east breakwater. I counted 15 Common and 1 King Eider,
along with another possible eider species - the Rock Eider !



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