Shai Mitra just called to report 69 Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Robert 
Moses--17 at Field 2 and 52 at Field 5. They are of all ages, including 
1 juvenile, and many SY, older immatures and adults.

I had 4 at Heckscher SP Field 6 earlier.

The puddles at Field 7 are filling slowly but the grassy areas were 
still not flooded as of this morning. An Osprey was up to its belly 
bathing in the center puddle. There were even 14 Mallards; there haven't 
been any ducks in weeks.  While I was there 3 Greater Yellowlegs came 
and went, and 5 Semipalmated Plovers, a Least Sandpiper and the usual 
number of Killdeer (8 today) were staying put. But it is of course a 
very dynamic situation, especially with the storms around, so I expect 
there will be a lot of turnover in the next few days.

Patricia Lindsay
Bay Shore


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