Monday, 10 September, 2018 -

A Yellow-breasted Chat appeared in Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. City), seen at 
 3 p.m. on the southern edge of the Ramble / Lake edge (sometimes locally 
called the “riviera”) in thick shrubs near the very large boulders there, & 
then went unseen by me, in the nearly 1 hour I took hoping to grab a photo. At 
that hour, rain had let up, bringing more tourists & etc. quickly in & thru the 
park, including near where the chat had popped up. For 10 seconds, a brilliant 
view, on top of a poke berry bush, then in typical migrant-chat fashion, not 
even another glimpse. This area is a bit east of the Bow Bridge, perhaps 12+ 
yards east.

One other nice find (not mine!) was a Connecticut Warbler, in N.Y. County, but 
on Governor’s Island, on Saturday 9/8, found by Gabriel Willow; as far as I’m 
aware, it did not turn up again for other birders in following days.  The 
report (into eBird) was from the Nolan Park sector of the island.

Further reports for the past several days, later or next day; there has been 
nice diversity, if not enormous numbers (of most species) for Central Park, in 
the recent rainy and/or windy weather.

Rain & storm-birding can be interesting…

Tom Fiore


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