I’m sure many Long Island folks are busy with the Seatuck Birding Challenge, 
but for those who aren’t I’ve found a few uncommon migrants at Jones Beach so 
far. A Philadelphia Vireo was spotted just outside the Coast Guard Station 
fence at the northwestern corner of the property, foraging in some trees close 
to the shore of the bay. I heard a Blue Grosbeak in the vegetation of the 
central block between the two lots at West End 2, and I then saw it fly to the 
northern perimeter of the western lot. It’s otherwise quiet but not dead, with 
a smattering of other migrants observed. A few Bobolinks passed overhead 
earlier, and there are some Purple Finches moving through the area as well. A 
few Indigo Bunting, Red-breasted Nuthatches, and a small handful of warbler 
species also seen. The sandbar was all but empty at dawn, shorebirds were off 
foraging on the tidal flats. I’ll be checking there again later and will report 
anything worth reporting. 

-Tim H

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