The Queens County Bird Club will be meeting at the Alley Pond Environmental 
Center, 228-06 Northern Blvd Douglaston, NY 11362   >Map of location< 
<>  at 8:00 pm this Wednesday, September 19, 2018.  Free 
admission.  Refreshments served (including ice cream)

Prof. Ofer Tchernichovski of CUNY Hunter College will present “Birdsong and 
Vocal Learning”.

       How and when does a Zebra Finch learn to sing?  What effects does 
hearing a song have on its brain?  Which song does a female Zebra Finch prefer? 
 How does bird song culture change over time?  How does sleep affect song 
learning?  How does the learning of birdsong compare to the learning of speech 
in human infants?

         These questions and more are examined in Prof. Ofer Tchernichovski’s 
Laboratory of Vocal Learning at Hunter College, which studies the animal 
behavior and dynamics of vocal learning and sound production across different 
brain levels. The lab aims to uncover the specific physiological and molecular 
(gene expression) brain processes that underlie song learning.

     Prof. Tchernichovski holds a PhD in Zoology from Tel Aviv University, and 
is also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, earned at the Koret Veterinary School 
of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Nancy Tognan <> 
Vice President, Queens County Bird Club 

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