Based on radar reports I spent a bit of time at Rockefeller this a.m. not crazy 
but Nine species of wood warbler highlighted by blackburnian, blue winged a few 
magnolia. Multiples of N. Parula and BT green.  Then up high upon Hook Mountain 
(Nyack) between about 11:30-2.  There was a broadwing push b/w 1 and 2 p.m. 
Kettles of 88, 59, 12, 21 and 4.  Fortunately the one w 88 birds was by far the 
closest  - very cool. Also good numbers of sharp shinned hawk (50) and kestrel 
(20), as well as a few merlins, coop, bald eagle and non-counted by the 
official counters bc likely not migrating yet several osprey, red tails and a 
peregrine.  I’m thinking late afternoon may have brought larger broad wing push 
but could not stay.  A brief stop at Croton Point Nature Center on way home did 
not turn up the immature RED HEADED woodpecker beautifully photographed this 
a.m. by K. Lamb.  Did pick up a solitary sandpiper in parking lot puddle by 
ball field

L. Trachtenberg 

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