Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - Saturday, 22 Sept., ‘18

On this final day of summer, 2018, a nightjar thought to be a 
Chuck-will’s-widow was found near the source of the Gill (just east) in the 
Ramble - this is also immediately east of the Azalea Pond.  With some decent 
photos, a definitive identification might be coming. Many observers up to the 5 
pm hour.

Also notable today, a (probably-continuing) male Cerulean Warbler, to the west 
of the Great Lawn & immediately north of the Delacorte Theater. As well as a 
wide variety of more-expected end-of-summer & start-of-fall migrants.  Amonst 
these, a fairly high count of 2 Cuckoo species, with Yellow-billed outnumbering 
Black-billed, and seen in varioius sections of Central Park.

good autumnal birding,

Tom Fiore

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