Doug Gochfeld and I started a seawatch from Riis Park in Queens at roughly
10:30 this morning. We were met with almost immediate success in the form
of a Great Shearwater coursing back and forth to the west of the main
building. A few Parasitic Jaegers were moving east, but the highlight of
the morning was a high arcing tubenose the appeared to the southwest and
over the next 5-7 minutes slowly worked it's way east eventually revealing
itself to be a light morph Northern Fulmar.
It was interesting to have the Fulmar and GRSH in view at the same time.
The Fulmar was executing explosive, high flying arcs with wings slightly
bent at the wrists and would often add short bursts of wingbeats even well
above the horizon while the GRSH was doing power glides on long straight
wings with very little flapping at all.
To echo Shai and Pat's reports from further east, there were a few Lesser
Black-backed Gulls (and one hybrid) in the parking lot and two juvenile
Ring-billed Gulls among the expected species on the beach. A nice flight of
scoters was evident as well and Black and Surf were both viewed moving
east. The eBird checklist with some documentation photos can be viewed at
the following link.

Good birding,

Sean Sime
Brooklyn, NY


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