Joe Giunta and I (Sy Schiff) went south on Venetian Blvd to Shore Pl. on 
the left.  We parked at bit further on and viewed the island from the street 
(Please keep off the properties  and be good neighbors). The island was covered 
with shorebirds. To see our target bird, we had to walk back to Shore place and 
down to the end. We looked at the feeding birds in the water on the back of the 
island, These birds were not visible from Venetian Blvd. Some of the birds flew 
across to the marsh edge across the water giving a longer but better light to 
view. Seen:--65 Greater yellowlegs, 15 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Long-billed 
Dowitchers, 3+ short-billed Dowitchers. 
        We then drove further south to Venetian shores Park. We walked to the 
edge at the extreme left and around to the left. Every poles in the water in 
front of the first house was a Royal Tern, 12 in all. Most had bright yellow 
bills. Young of the year. I doubt an Elegent Tern, but I’m going to look at the 

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