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Subject: [hmbirds] LECONTE'S SPARROW, Albany Pine Bush Preserve- 10/5
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I saw what I believe was a LeConte's Sparrow at the Albany Pine Bush
parking lot this morning. I watched it pop up onto a low split rail fence,
facing me, fifty feet away. I walked back to try to flank the bird, and got
a decent profile view for a few seconds before it flushed. It landed on a
curb and walked into the tall bluestem grass. It had distinctive ochre from
the throat that streaked into the clean white breast and underparts. There
were a few fine dark streaks on the flanks. The face seemed to be ochre as
well, with a thin line behind the eye. It also had clearly yellowish-flesh
(not pinkish) legs. I knew instantly that it was a species I hadn't seen
before. The only other possibility would be GRSP, but I think I've seen
enough of them to rule that out. Nelson’s would have been even more
orange-faced and more heavily streaked.

The bird was seen within the perimeter of the parking lot at the Discovery
Center building at 195 New Karner Rd
<https://maps.google.com/?q=195+New+Karner+Rd&entry=gmail&source=g>. The
habitat surrounding the lot is restored grassland habitat including Big
bluestem, Little bluestem, and Indian grass. When I arrived this morning
dozens of sparrows were moving around the area, mostly Chipping and
White-throated. Bird-banding operations throughout the morning turned up a
high diversity of species, but no rarities. I'm putting the word out so
other interested parties can investigate if they wish. Please be aware that
the parking lot is a busy place, and bushwhacking there is only allowed for
staff conducting work projects.

Tom Williams
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