To add to Alec Humann's message below, the Western Kingbird has a strong 
preference for one isolated tree/bush in the goldenrod field on the north side 
of the road. Josh Ketry found it yesterday in this tree and it was seen there 
again today. Look for two mailboxes on the north side of the road with the 
number 8765 on one of them. The tree/bush was directly north of that, 50 yards 
or so. The bird may wander widely and disappear for a time but it seems to like 
this tree and often returns to it. Yesterday afternoon we had not seen it in 
over an hour of searching when it finally showed up in that tree. It then sat 
in that tree for a half hour, making only two or three brief short forays down 
into the goldenrod and then back to the tree. We left it there. One can see 
this tree from their car but, as Alec noted, be careful! Lots of fast moving 

Good birding!

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Joshua Ketry found a Western Kingbird in southern Erie County at 8765 Genesee 
Road, Springville, NY yesterday morning. The bird continued through the day 
today. It has been actively feeding in the goldenrod meadow across the street 
from this address. The road has a narrow shoulder and traffic travels at a fast 
speed...please make sure you are all the way over onto the shoulder and be very 
wary of traffic. Don’t linger with your car door open as the hilly terrain 
doesn’t always give you enough time to see oncoming traffic! 

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