Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018 -

GOLDEN Eagle is a rarity for Manhattan, & one has been sighted moving 
south-west from the n. end of the island; this day could bring more, with 
strong winds from the northwest all day.

Much migration ongoing thru mid-day in Manhattan, being seen from all points of 
the island as well as the 'outer isles’ and skies above (New York County, that 
is), with, among others, BOTH species of Vulture being reported migrating, & 
various raptors including multiple Bald Eagles, and such typical mid-late fall 
migrants as E. BLUEBIRD (more than 30 have moved thru Central Park alone, & 
some may be sticking a while; this after Sat’s. single vanguard was reported at 
Fort Tryon Park in n. Manhattan), many more in the sparrow tribe (at least 10 
species plus E. Towhee & Dark-eyed Junco already being reported for N.Y. County 
this day), and also icterids including a couple of orioles (all apparent 
Baltimore), & a nice finch flight with some Pine Siskins, & many more Purple 
Finches, also American Goldfinches, & a wide variety of other species; plenty 
more sightings/reports at a later time / date.  There’s been a strong movement 
of Blue Jays, American Robins, and among the mentioned icteridae, Red-winged 
Blackbirds & Common Grackles, as well as other diurnal migrants.

Lots more to see…

- -
On the shore of Connecticut’s Long Island Sound have been reported sightings of 
CAVE Swallows - & that species could be watched for anywhere now. There is also 
a discussion online of a “Solitary” type vireo seen in Connecticut on Friday 
10/19, which has given rise to a chance it was a Cassin’s Vireo; look for more 
on that from that state’s list-serve & other media. The sightings of Cave 
Swallow were at least initially at Lighthouse Point S.P., at New Haven, & there 
were several being seen on 10/21.

good birding,

Tom Fiore

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