Just an addendum to Shai Mitra's report of the enormous flux of passerines
at Robert Moses SP this morning.  I did a sea watch for about an hour (9:50
to 10:50). A steady southwestward flux of Gannets and white-headed gulls,
mostly Herring, filled the sky.  In a single sweep of the panorama, I
estimated about 270 Northern Gannets, and I made several one-minute counts
that averaged about 20 Gannets passing a fixed point per minute.  Two
similar counts of large gulls (mostly Herring) averaged 40 per minute --
very inadequate samples, but probably not far off the mark.  At least 350
Double-crested Cormorants passed by, and several flocks of scoters that
included some Surf and Black. I noted a few dozen Bonaparte's Gulls, and
Shai spotted a distant Black-legged Kittiwake in his short visit.
Throughout my watch, a steady stream of Yellow-rumped Warblers passed along
the beach, punctuated by flocks of Pine Siskins and Purple Finches.

Doug Futuyma


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