The rescheduled pelagic has just 8 spots left if anybody is interested. I
know it's still a few days away but right now the forecast is looking good
with light winds and long seas. If you're interested in signing up or want
more information go to:

* <>*

Targets on this trip include Manx and Great Shearwaters, Northern Fulmar,
Pomarine and Parasitic Jaeger, Red Phalarope, Black-legged Kittiwake, other
gulls, Gannets, and if we're really, REALLY luck maybe we can dig up a
Great Skua. It's also a good time for cetaceans like Fin, Minke, and
Humpbacked Whales and Common Dolphin since a lot of migrating baitfish are
coming through our area.

Hope to see you aboard.



*Paul A. GurisSee Life PaulagicsPO Box 161Green Lane, PA <>
<> <>


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