The excellent discovery by Elizabeth Paredes of a first-year Harris’s Sparow, 
seen by dozens on Sunday afternoon (11/4) at Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. Ciy) 
just west of the N. Meadow recreation center, had not been re-found as of 9 
a.m. Monday 11/5, with at least two dozen observers lookin since early in the 
day.  There is a fairly good chance the Harris’s is still in Central Park, & 
perhaps still in that same general area.  Seeking out any sparrow-flocks and 
other birds on the lawns may be useful - not only in the one area where the 
rare western vagrant showed on Sunday (although it could be in that area, 

We’ll seek some additional info as well on the VARIED Thrush that was brought 
into rehab. in Manhattan, found after a building window collision, at 57th 
Street & Eighth Ave. (just a few short city blocks from the SW corner of 
Central Park).  That is not a first Manhattan record, but of course another 
western & rare vagrant to this area.  It could suggest further “western” birds 
to be looked for, which may have come east… keep this in mind in case of any 
“odd” looking birds especially this month.

Plenty of other birds of interest have been seen in Manhattan, but for now, the 
above are 2 of the least-expected…

good luck; updates would be appreciated to this list, as well…

Tom Fiore

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