Congratulation, David, on hitting the jackpot: 777 followers at Brooklyn Bird 

You also reached 415 followers on Queens Bird Alert and 400 followers on Bronx 
Bird Alert. 
But the number of your followers on Manhattan Bird alert is staggering 5963 

In total, you have 7555 followers 
It is amazing. 

You even cover Staten Island (in Brooklyn bird alert) and Long Island (in 
Queens bird alert) and Westchester (in Bronx bird alert) and New Jersey (in 

This speaks volume to the great work you do for birders all over NYC area and 
beyond. Many people appreciate all the timely info you provide in your accounts 
and many are benefitting a lot from it by getting on some exciting birds. 

My only wish is that those who follow you and get the benefit of your tweets 
would return the favor and start using the hashtag words for each account. It 
will only take an additional few seconds for every tweet they write. 

Just add #birdbk for Brooklyn tweets, #birdqu for Queens tweets and #birdbx for 
Bronx tweets and #birdcp for Manhattan tweets. 

David works very hard to keep the city birders well-informed. He deserved all 
the help he can get from the birding community. 

Gus Keri 

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 ---- On Mon, 05 Nov 2018 05:53:56 -0800 David Barrett <> wrote 
 > After some days of strong, favorable westerly winds, at least two western 
 > vagrants were observed in Manhattan yesterday: the HARRIS'S SPARROW in 
 > Central Park (as previously noted here) and a VARIED THRUSH. The latter was 
 > a window-strike victim, found at 57th and Central Park West, and immediately 
 > taken to the Wild Bird Fund on the Upper West Side.
 > Photo and comments on the find here: 
 > If the bird recovers, it is possible that birders might get to see it during 
 > or after its release. Usually these releases take place in Central Park. 
 > Those interested should stay in touch with the Wild Bird Fund, and we will 
 > do the same.
 > David Barrett@BirdCentralPark on Twitter
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