Another Black Vulture at Alley Creek today, heading east. I saw a post from
Tim Healy of two Black Vultures over Hempstead Lake State Park. Is there
something going on? Actually, I wonder what took them so long to discover
Long Island. They're quite comfortable in coastal areas in Florida. They do
like fish. 


Other interesting moment of the day - a high kettle of 17 (seemingly
migrating) Fish Crows (or at least their version of a kettle).


Steve Walter


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Sent: Monday, April 08, 2019 6:32 PM
Subject: Black Vulture in Queens


Finally, after all these years, I got a Black Vulture in Queens County. Of
course, it took a lot of deliberately looking up in the sky at what I dare
call the Alley Creek Hawk Watch. Yea, there are a few coming through here,
although the kind of Turkey Vulture flight seen last year has not
materialized this season (no more than 10 in a day). Today's flight was led
by 18 Ospreys and 7 Northern Harriers. While there was actually a better day
for Harriers last year, I was surprised to see 4 in the sky at once. 3 were
in a kettle. As some of you know, that's call a Three Ring Circus.


While the heading of most migrants here averages east-northeast, the Black
Vulture was heading west. That may very well be valid for a migrant on Long
Island. I've considered the wintering populations of Turkey Vulture,
Sharp-shinned and Cooper's Hawks, which are more common in winter than
summer, and what route they might take to move to summer territories. 


Aside from raptors, there was a continuous movement of Double-crested
Cormorants, although most groups were small. A few Great Egrets and Great
Blue Herons added to the flight.


In non-migrant notes, the Killdeer pair is nesting again on the lawn. I
assume there are the standard four eggs, but don't want to disturb them to
confirm. A single Common Raven has been coming around with some regularity,
sometimes quite low right over me. There is also a pair that I haven't seen
in over a week, potentially moving to a nesting location not too far away.



Steve Walter

Bayside, NY 


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