The two Caspian Terns were still there around 2:30.  41.189078, -73.879924

 Half an hour later a Merlin joined the usual two Kestrels moving around the 
cap, perching on the little poles.  I got a horrible photo of it from great 
Around 4:30 the very tame adult male (I think) Red-tail again put in a 
sustained appearance on the west side of the cap near the main path and the 
maintenance buildings.  It's incredible how tame this bird is.  I saw several 
hikers get within twenty feet of it as it perched on a pole right off the man 
path.  One little girl asked "is it real"?
Bob Lewis 
Sleepy Hollow NY

    On Saturday, April 13, 2019, 12:20:15 PM EDT, Larry Trachtenberg 
<> wrote:  
 2 CASPIAN TERNS (should stick through low tide)
2 snowy egret
17 green winged teal

All near jetty. Thanks Sean

L. Trachtenberg 

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