An adult White-faced Ibis in breeding plumage was among a group of Glossy 
Ibises that dropped in at Timber Point Golf Course, Great River, Suffolk 
County, Long Island this morning.

I would ask anybody seeking to see this bird to exercise maximum discretion in 
terms of avoiding conflict with the maintenance crew, golfers, and boat owners. 

The flock of 29 birds initially came in from the west and circled the fairways 
several times before continuing eastwards, but they must have returned because 
as I was leaving the East Marina, I found them feeding on the fairway to the 
north of the connector road that links the East Marina to the entrance road.

Also of note at Timber Point were more than a dozen Greater Yellowlegs, a 
couple of Lessers, and an early Willet (and also at least 600 Bufflehead in the 

At nearby Heckscher SP the drop-ins included four Bonaparte's Gulls and four 
adult-ish Lesser Black-backed Gulls, and, per Ken Feustel, Least Sandpiper. The 
LBBGs were calling and displaying and I was able to get some video.

Photos of the WFIB and video of the LBBGs will be posted shortly to here:

Shai Mitra
Bay Shore

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