Easter Sunday, 21 April, 2019 -

A nice fresh arrival of various migrants on Easter Sunday morning at Central 
Park & elsewhere in Manhattan, N.Y. City, even if none (so far) nearly as 
notable (!) as the Black-necked Stilt being seen by multiple obs. at Nickerson 
Beach in southern Nassau County, NY on Sunday.

Summer Tanager has arrived in N.Y. City, found at Greenwood Cemetery in 
Brooklyn/Kings Co. NYC on Saturday, 20 April & was being seen there again on 
Sunday 4/21 (near the Dell Water).

Sightings for Manhattan Sunday 4/21 included at least these arriving migrants 
(& local breeders) -

White-eyed Vireo (Central Park)

Wood Thrush (at least several, many observers including by the Feminist Bird 
Club group walk)

Orchard Oriole (several, Central Park and Riverside Park)

Baltimore Oriole (ad. male, Riverside Park)

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (multiple, Central Park & Riverside Park)

Indigo Bunting (several males, Central Park & Riverside Park)  … likely a 
number of other new migant arrivals also will be discovered thru the day 
Sunday, with more in coming days.  Flyover (diurnal) migration appeared a bit 
slow, but there were some Common Loons moving overhead as seen from near the 
Hudson River - and some other expected species also were moving.

There have also been multiple species of warblers in Central Park in 
particular, with a modest uptick in numbers of some, & just possibly a few more 
new arrivals. 

(A Swainson’s Warbler was found at Higbee Beach, Cape May County, NEW JERSEY, 
Sunday morning, rare but no longer entirely unexpected there as an overshoot; & 
a cue that others of the species could’ve done the same and  flown a bit 
farther north.)

- - -
[N.B., at least a few Blue Grosbeaks have been seen in places north & east of 
N.Y.C., a rather typical ‘overshoot’ species, worth looking & listening for.  
As an example is one male of this species photo’d. at Hempstead Lake State 
Park, Nassau Co., N.Y. on 4/21 - see: 
<https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S55216678> & others also have been found at 
points north, as has Indigo Bunting.]

good and peaceful birding,

Tom Fiore


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