I posted a picture of the Nickerson Beach (Nassau co.) Black-necked Stilt on
my website at http://stevewalternature.com/ .  It's one of 483 pictures I
took - all from my car. The main reason for taking so many was the less than
good lighting most of the morning. As I discussed with some people, adults
stilts are not just black and white. In good light - which came through
eventually -,  they look glossy - as this picture kind of shows. The stilt
was faithful to the one pool, repeatedly going from one end to the other. I
advised a few people that had stepped out of their cars that they could be
rewarded with close looks if they waited in their cars. They were indeed
rewarded. So it's unfortunate to hear of different behavior this afternoon.
I think I've heard that before - like with the puddle birds at Heckscher
last year. The afternoon is when the trouble seem to occur, for whatever
reason that is.   


That sort of segues to another topic. Maybe a twofold problem. One is of the
fragmentation of reporting. I went to Nickerson this morning, having heard
on a forum I subscribe to about the American Golden Plovers found yesterday.
But I talked to people today that didn't know about them, mainly because it
was not posted to this list. That's a good species for April and deserves
more pub. If you're a shorebird aficionado like I am, that's a rare
opportunity to photograph - if you behave around them - Goldens in true
non-breeding plumage (as opposed to fading alternate or juvenile). But then
maybe, if it was posted everywhere, the non-bevahers would have arrived
sooner? So I don't know. It's a conversation that's come up before, and
likely will again. But a Black-necked Stilt surely has to be shared. And
sorry if it got double posted. I never know if my own post is getting


Steve Walter

Bayside, NY


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