Any update on the stilt?  Yesterday was an impossible day for me to take even a 
short road trip to nearby this beach....thank you for any update.

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> On Apr 21, 2019, at 5:18 PM, Steve Walter <> wrote:
> I posted a picture of the Nickerson Beach (Nassau co.) Black-necked Stilt on 
> my website at .  It’s one of 483 pictures I 
> took – all from my car. The main reason for taking so many was the less than 
> good lighting most of the morning. As I discussed with some people, adults 
> stilts are not just black and white. In good light – which came through 
> eventually –,  they look glossy – as this picture kind of shows. The stilt 
> was faithful to the one pool, repeatedly going from one end to the other. I 
> advised a few people that had stepped out of their cars that they could be 
> rewarded with close looks if they waited in their cars. They were indeed 
> rewarded. So it’s unfortunate to hear of different behavior this afternoon. I 
> think I’ve heard that before – like with the puddle birds at Heckscher last 
> year. The afternoon is when the trouble seem to occur, for whatever reason 
> that is.   
> That sort of segues to another topic. Maybe a twofold problem. One is of the 
> fragmentation of reporting. I went to Nickerson this morning, having heard on 
> a forum I subscribe to about the American Golden Plovers found yesterday. But 
> I talked to people today that didn’t know about them, mainly because it was 
> not posted to this list. That’s a good species for April and deserves more 
> pub. If you’re a shorebird aficionado like I am, that’s a rare opportunity to 
> photograph – if you behave around them – Goldens in true non-breeding plumage 
> (as opposed to fading alternate or juvenile). But then maybe, if it was 
> posted everywhere, the non-bevahers would have arrived sooner? So I don’t 
> know. It’s a conversation that’s come up before, and likely will again. But a 
> Black-necked Stilt surely has to be shared. And sorry if it got double 
> posted. I never know if my own post is getting through.
> Steve Walter
> Bayside, NY
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