Monday, 22 April, 2019 -
Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City

I discovered a  male Prothonotary Warbler around 4:30 pm on a rather rainy 
afternoon, at The Pond in the southeastern corner of the park, seen by chance 
on a walk not really seeking birds (and no bins in hand); luckily, a few others 
could be alerted & with word getting out, a fair number of other birders got to 
see the Prothontary in the late hours of the day. It spent a good deal of time 
by the stone bridge at the N. side of the main pond, known as Gapstow bridge, 
and was feeding a lot near the water, occasionally into low branches near 
there, including near all 4 “corners” of this small stone arched foot bridge. 
The location is very near Fifth Avenue & about E. 61st Street, a bit west into 
the park from there, & is also a very popular tourist destination for sky-line 
photos & such. I was with Kristine Wallstrom who helped me get the word out, & 
also helped to get some photos with a pocket camera. As we departed, more 
birders were arriving.  Hopefully, it may stay over a while, and give more 
seekers a chance to view. N.B., all of the pond edges & crannies could be 
checked, should the warbler not be in evidence on further search.

- - 
(a p.s. on a bird-banding code used by me; I realized a few minutes late that a 
code for American Golden Plover is not normally AMGO - Mea culpa.)

good luck,

Tom Fiore

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