The Black Vulture "assault" on Long Island continues. A group of three was
seen from the hawk observation post at APEC, but looking way to the south. I
heard that one BV, presumably part of that group was seen through the canopy
in the vicinity of where a Yellow-throated Warbler was found. That would be
around the weather station, which is near the adventure course. I looked for
it several hours later, and had little trouble finding it, as it sang high
in the trees there. So perhaps it will hang in at the same location.   


Another interesting moment was seeing a large brown bird descending below
the tree line on the east side of Alley Creek. The destination appears to
have been the small wooded pond near the Douglaston train station. While I
couldn't get a definitive look, it seems like the earmark of an American


Delving into various other groups, the advance of spring was evident at APEC
in the form of first of season Green Darner, Italian Wall Lizard, and Mud
Fiddler Crab.



Steve Walter

Bayside, NY


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