Monday, 29 April, 2019 -

Just to add it into the day’s record here on this list-serve, the ongoing 
state-rarity BLACK-NECKED STILT was seen Monday 4/29 at Nickerson beach, 
southern Nassau County, NY (a.k.a. Lido Beach Passive Nature Reserve).  

A male Summer Tanager in near-pristine alternate-plumage (adult coloration) was 
showing very well for multiple observers in Manhattan, at the Clinton Community 
Garden (named for that neighborhood) at 434 West 48th Street, which is between 
Ninth & Tenth Avenues on manhattan’s west side. The garden may be locked, but 
the tanager was most often fairly easy to view as it went after bees & perhaps 
other insects within the garden.  (If let into the garden, all must obey any 
rules or instructions, and please be respectful of any & all other visitors 

The ‘parade’ of Blue Grosbeaks in the larger region continued, with a female 
continuing over the weekend, Sat.-Sun. 4/27-28, at Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park, 
which is in the northern portion of the island, perhaps best known to 
non-birders for the Cloisters museum, an ‘annex’ of the Metropolitan Museum of 
Art within Ft. Tryon Park - this grosbeak was seen in the field near the 

On Saturday, 4/27 several observers reported a Prothonotary Warbler in 
Manhattan, at R.F. Wagner, Jr. park, the south end of Battery Park City Park.

In Richmond County, NY (a.k.a. Staten Island, N.Y. City) a male Golden-winged 
Warbler was found Monday, 4/29 at Clove Lakes Park, which is in the northern 
quadrant of the island; I believe the finder[s] of this there were Catherine 
Barron & Maya Shikhman, and thanks to the latter for timely report, via the 
SINaturalist group.

There’ve been plenty of other migrants recently; a further report to come, with 
some additional notes.  

Many migrants have been reaching nearby (& some farther) breeding areas to N.Y. 
City, as well as passing through over the weekend. These include species such 
as Cerulean, Kentucky, and many other warbler spp. & a wide variety of other 
arriving or ongoing migrant birds - PLEASE realize the long & arduous voyages 
these birds have been on, to reach where they nest, or are still undertaking to 
reach their breeding areas, & exercise the maximum of restraint in any 
potential nesting area as they arrive and set up for the season, and on thru 
the remainder of their breeding season. The birds & all who care for them will 
thank you for this.

good birding to all,

Tom Fiore


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