Last evening I photographed (poorly, as is my usual wont) a White-faced 
Ibis in non breeding plumage--no white borders around the pink eye and 
facial skin, and legs pink only around the "knees", feeding with 17 
Glossy Ibis in the flooded picnic area of Field 6.  

This morning I checked again; there were at least 30 ibis feeding 
actively in the puddles, and I immediately picked out a White-faced, 
this one showing moderately distinct white borders on the face, and 
brighter pink legs than yesterday's bird. I had to race off to work but 
alerted Shai Mitra to be looking out for a second bird when he arrived 
shortly after. Shai did indeed find what is certainly yesterday's bird 
in addition to the better marked individual.

Patricia Lindsay
Bay Shore


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