There is a significant number of birds landing in tristate area this morning. 
Radar starting at 1 am is showing. I thin this is going to be a good day for 

The black out in NJ is clear here:

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 ---- On Wed, 01 May 2019 20:55:12 -0700 Peter Reisfeld 
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 > You’re on your own tonight.  There’s a blackout due to hardware failure at 
 > the KDIX the NJ radar station. And what makes it more interesting is that 
 > while the current NY radar is pretty bland, that in Delaware, just south of 
 > NJ, is hot with the highest densities of the year. 
 > So what about NJ, the entrance of bird to the metro area?  No one knows. So 
 > you are free to optimistically anticipate a fallout day, or pessimistically 
 > imagine a day of frustration.  But either way, now that we are in May, it’s 
 > best to get out when you can. Because even on a day with mediocre radar, if 
 > it’s May, there’s always the possibility of amazing birding. 
 > Wishing you good birds, 
 > Peter
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