Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - May 2, 2019

Thursday (May 2nd) brought at least 30 warbler species to just this one city 
park, with Bay-breasted Warbler also added to the list of those seen (& 
photographed) there.  This warbler tally is without adding Cerulean Warbler, 
although with sightings of the latter species in 3 of the 5 counties of N.Y. 
City (Queens, Kings, & Richmond Counties) on the day, it is plausible that one 
of them also dropped in on Thursday, somewhere in Manhattan &/or New York 

Also, a second adult male Summer Tanager continued at Central Park’s north end, 
along with the one at Clinton Community Gardens, in Manhattan.

This migration fall-out was perhaps most concentrated in south-coastal 
Connecticut, but clearly was observed in much of N.Y. City (& in other areas).

good May birding,

Tom Fiore

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