The Common Greenshank continued at Timber Point when I left at 18:30, feeding 
productively on large worms and other invertebrates on the flooded golf course. 
Birders arriving at the golf course tomorrow morning should park at the main 
parking lot. The favored puddles are immediately east of the parking lot, south 
of a water hazard,  and northeast of the main building (the same puddles 
favored by last spring's Wood Sandpiper). They can be viewed from the edge of 
the main entrance road, between the parking lot and the building.

Tomorrow the weather will be better and golfers will be out. I think the bird 
is likely to be present in the early morning, but I fear that it will 
inevitably fly out at some point, and with golfers active on the course, it 
might not return. Thus, it might be prudent for those serious about seeing it 
to commit to an early arrival, rather than awaiting news of its continuing 
presence before heading over.

I've posted some photos here:

Shai Mitra

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