Here is a more detailed description of the location of the Wilson's Plover,
at Cupsogue Beach County Park, than in my previous posting (which I hope
went out).  The fastest way to where I saw the bird late this afternoon
would be to walk west on the 4-wheel drive road from the parking lot. One
on that road, you will pass several official footpaths from the road
through the dunes to the beach ("Designated Dune Access Points"), bordered
by orange-flagged string. Go to the fifth open path (ignoring one that is
closed), just before an open metal gate.  When I saw the Plover, it was
immediately west of that path as it opens onto the beach. For the first 15
minutes or so, it was on the dune, in the "virtually fenced" Piping Plover
reserve; it then made its way to the water's edge, where it succeeded at
least in catching a wave-tossed gastropod that it carried up into the
dune.  The walk from that site back along the road to the parking lot took
about 10 minutes (less than the walk westward on the beach into the wind,
searching for the bird).

I would have provided more information while in the field, but my phone's
battery charge  was dangerously low.

Here's hoping it stays into tomorrow,
Doug Futuyma


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