This hotspot will be removed since it is on private property. The shared
location 'Napeague SP--Promised Land
<>' should be used
for sightings from this location.



On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 5:55 PM Ben Cacace <> wrote:

> A marker was created for 'Napeague Fish Farm' in Suffolk County based on
> the Sandhill Crane sighting. The hotspot should be available within 12
> hours.
> If you wish to merge your personal location with an existing hotspot here
> are the steps:
> — Sign into
> — Go to "My eBird" & select "Manage My Locations" in the right panel
> — At the bottom of the screen click "Show All" to see all locations on one
> page
> — You can sort the list by clicking on any of the headers: Location,
> Country, State/Province, County, Type* or # of Checklists
> — Select your personal location (it will show a letter "P" under Type*) by
> clicking "Edit" on the right side of the line
> — Select the "Merge" button and you'll see all nearby hotspots as red icons
> — Keep the checkmark for "Delete after merging" selected
> — Click the icon that best fits your location
> — ... now you'll see the hotspot description above the 'Merge' button
> along with the # of checklists you'll be merging
> — Click on the 'Merge' button
> — Answer Yes to the 'Yes or No' query
> All checklists for that personal location will be combined with the
> hotspot with this process.
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> Ben Cacace
> Manhattan, NYC

Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC


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