The adult Bridled Tern found on Great Gull Island on June 8 continued today
on the northeast corner of the island. The island is a research facility and
sanctuary for a large colony of Common Terns and the endangered Roseate
Tern. Landing on the island is not allowed. However, last August a number of
birders were able to see the Bridled from small boats off-shore. On my
Inwood Birder blog I have posted a map of the island indicating the part of
the island the bird frequents. The link is:


Last August, during the bird's nearly three week stay on the island I was
able to post almost daily updates on the bird's presence. However,, June is
the peak of the nesting season and research work will prevent me from
checking for the bird every day. I will post updates when I am able, but it
will be sporadic.


Joe DiCostanzo 


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