I was offshore Sunday and Monday doing some incidental birding and had good
numbers of shearwaters. In the area of the Bacardi Wreck on Sunday there
were huge rafts of Great Shearwaters on the water and many flying about.
Conservatively I would estimate there were close to 1000+ birds in the
area.  There were also some Cory's mixed in.  Interestingly enough I saw
hardly any storm petrels or much other life.

On Monday in the area of the Coimbra Wreck I had at least half a dozen
Leach's Storm Petrels before/as the sun was rising. There were huge numbers
of Wilson's Storm Petrels (conservatively 100+), Great Shearwaters (nowhere
near the number by the Bacardi though), and some Cory's Shearwaters mixed
in. Other marine life included dozens of pilot whales, hundreds of porpoise
in the area, a few sea turtles, ocean sunfish, and of course Bluefin Tuna!

Mike Z.


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