The Gull Billed Terns are still there!  Thanks 

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> On Jun 24, 2019, at 3:54 PM, kevin rogers <> wrote:
> There are at least two Gull-billed Terns that are giving great looks actively 
> looking for food and resting in the puddles at the lido preserve passive 
> nature center area. I've been spoiled by great looks by them the last 3 times 
> I've been here, usually from around 2pm in the few hours I'll bird here 
> before heading to nickerson beach at 4pm. These Gull-billed Terns seem pretty 
> reliable here,  figured I'd get the word out so others can enjoy too!! They 
> can be seen at nickerson too, especially in flight when harrassing the common 
> terns to steal their food, but these looks, and this setting seems 
> favorable!! -Kev
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