How an Eagle’s Nest Shows the Challenges of New York’s Climate Plan

A generous article for the wind developer (APEX) considering the substantial 
evidence of their willful cover-up of a Bald Eagle nest and unnecessary low 
helicopter flights over an active nest.  But the suppression of avian impacts 
by APEX regarding their proposed Galloo Island Wind Project goes well beyond 
this eagle incident. Their Wyoming consulting firm (WEST Inc.) whitewashed the 
project’s avian risk assessment, giving little mention of the adjacent colonial 
seabird colony on Little Galloo Island and the half a million plus feeding 
flights of the colony’s residents across Galloo Island annually. Certainly one 
fact that should have been highlighted is that the project would inevitably 
kill more Caspian Terns annually than all other wind projects in North America 
combined have ever killed. Another is that, based on data gathered in 
pre-construction surveys, the Galloo Island Wind Project would impact far more 
NYS listed species and wintering raptors than any of the existing 20+ wind 
energy projects in NY.

Bill Evans

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